Casey Bryant seducted to cheat with her daughters boyfriend

Posted on 11th April 2010 in Big Wife Tits

Casey Bryant is lying on the ground and gets hypnotized by her sensual lovers hard solid cock penetrating her tight cunt. She never thought she could cheat on her beloved housband, but as this young guy entered her life and made her all sorts of compliments, offered her roses one day, when she felt left allone she invited him for a cup of coffee . first she refused becaus she didnt want to cheat her housband but then this dude pulled out all the dirty tricks to get inside her panties. while kissing her long and smoothly with the tongue he fingered his way inside her skirt and felt her warm labbiums. he massaged her hard clitoris and felt the juices floating out of her hole. then he pulled his fingers deep inside of her and rubbed her hotter and hotter. she still refused but it was too late. hypnotized by those sensual efforts she started giving him a nice handjob and also teased his cock between her lips. it became bigger and bigger and before she even could think about what she was doing he was allready deepthroating her and putting his fingers in her tight sweet asshole.


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