Nurse i need a Blowjob, operating the milf nightshift with Shana Duplai

Posted on 21st April 2010 in Big Wife Tits, Young and Old Porno

theres nothing much to add tho this hot scene here, Shana Duplai is just a horny Milf Nurse wich helps out one of her customers with a late night special blowjob. after having spend 2-3 weeks in hospital every guy gets nuts , also john cannot masturbate as his right hand was broken, so theres no other solution then let mature nurse shana drill of that old stinking cum out of his pipe, but in medical terms, a good old fashion blowjob will do the best

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Homemade Milf Fucking and clit rubbing with old horny secretary Shana Duplai

Posted on 1st March 2010 in AMATEUR WIFES, LINGERIE, Secretaries

this great secretary just does her first hobby porn movie. watch her not even taking her glasses off . shes so excited fucking for video . its an old dream of her and she never made it happen until she meet us and we offered her even some extra bucks so she would dring the cum of the actor. first she didnt want to do that but after she was fucked so hard and lovely this hot secretary cunt wanted even to get fucked in her ass and pissed on. a real slutty film..


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