anal sex denial – now hans is exploring the arsehole of future mother-in-law

Posted on 9th September 2023 in ANAL SEX, OLD CHEATING CUNTS, Young and Old Porno

exploring moms arsehole
Hans’ girlfriend has been denying him anal sex for over 6 months. Every time he tries she rejects him, that’s not a sustainable situation. He told his future mother-in-law about the dilemma and, in desperation, threatened to try his anal luck with a prostitute if necessary. Then mother had an idea, why shouldn’t she make him happy? As a slightly older woman, she was quite experienced in anal and as long as her daughter didn’t know about it, it was still better than wasting the money on a whore. So it happened that the young man had the pleasure of penetrating his mother-in-law’s anus and they both enjoyed it very much. It probably won’t be the only time and so it could well be a spicy love triangle between mother and daughter.

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