Charley Rose gets her milf pussy eaten up by the tv salesman

Posted on 11th April 2010 in AMATEUR WIFES, Big Wife Tits

Charley Rose is one of those wifes that is restless. Twice a day something between her legs gets warm and wet and either she has to masturbate with her huge dildo collection or if by bad luck, some guys stomble into her home, theres a good possibility that he gets out at least with a good blowjob. but today its pussy time and charley wants to get fucked long and hard. she calls the cable guy to fix her tv setup but before she sabotaged it so theres a valid reason to pay this guy 80$. after all her housband wants to know how she spends her money. anyway after the dude arrived its not hard to dected that milf charley rose has much more in mind then getting her tv set repaired. this hot cunt wants to take his pants down and imediatly checkout whats the size of its tube. she starts licking his balls and teasing his cock on her tits. he gets a boner fast and then its fucking time
well done

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