Ashley Jay, a superb busty english milf lady and ex prostitute desperatly wants the job

Posted on 12th August 2018 in MATURE MILF TITS

curvy milf Ashley Jay wants the job
im the chief human ressource officer at a temporary employment agency and i daily encouter sexy old ladies that want to get back into business . i have seen a lot during my small career but what happend last week is really a true exception. a very good looking busty old lady , named Ashley Jay , from manchester uk, came into my office and started talking really dirty. id first thought shes just
playing stupid games with me but it turned out it was just the way she behaves in cooperate enviroment. i had the impression she just retired from the dirtiest whorehouse in town to take job in the office. impossible to help this dirty lady out with a serious job . no one would employ such a charming dirty mature slut
. i had to made her false promises but she didnt want to give up, she offered me any dirty trick in the book available to convince me to help her. of course id be more then happy to bang her pretty old milf pussy the way she needs it and probably like hundreds of horny guys did . im now mostly sure she used to be a prostitute. i like it most. and probably i could financially sustain here until i get bored of her and throw her out..but i better do it the hard way and try to find her a job

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